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Business Planning

Are you looking to: 

  • Bring capital into your business or social enterprise?

  • Implement a Triple Bottom Line approach to your organizational priorities?

  • Roll out a new product or service?

We can bring our long experience to assisting you in asking-and answering- the key questions that potential funders, your staff, customers and prospects

will challenge you with. And in the process ensure that you have the appropriate materials​ to move forward to implementation.

Social Impact Measurement and Reporting

Consumers, investors and staff are increasingly concerned about how your organization treats your customers, staff and other stakeholders; how you support your community; and the degree to which you act as stewards of your environment in and out of the workplace.

We can help you identify your key metrics and how you can measure them; then present them in a meaningful manner for your stakeholders.

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Public Policy & Technology

Key 21st century challenge: How we deploy our ever-developing technology to liberate people, particularly those with few resources, rather than to control them.

Are you a government agency or a social enterprise looking to support your community? We have spent more than 15 years addressing this issue daily and can provide guidance and significant hard-won learnings.

Community Building & Outreach

Implementing new policies and approaches requires structured work with those with lived experience of the problem being addressed-supported by commitment from the decision-makers. Let us help build the necessary infrastructure.

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