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Our Mission

To empower individuals, families and communities that lack required resources to take control

of their lives through our partnerships with

trusted locally focused organizations and
their elected officials

Our Vision

Through our work, information and communications technology delivers client-focused services that
enable people, individually and collectively,
to access the supports they need to thrive,
without fear of external control

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Christopher Jacobs

As President of Community Impact Consulting Chris brings more than 30 years' experience developing and scaling innovative technology services that address critical social and organizational issues.  This experience has been gained with Fortune 100 companies, international consortia, entrepreneurial ventures, regional and local non-profit organizations, and state and local government.

His background in technology, public policy and community organizing was brought into focus as CEO of Communally, a Pennsylvania-registered Public Benefit Corporation and a multiple “Best for the World” certified B Corp. He is extremely proud to have worked with thousands of dedicated community partners who used the company's flagship service, The Benefit Bank®, to bring more than $2.85 billion into eligible households.

Before joining Communally, he was the founder and principal of a strategic marketing and business development company that specialized in moving innovative ideas to sustainable revenue. During this time he spent 8 years as a Portfolio Manager for more than 30 start-up and emerging technology enterprises that received investment from Ben Franklin Technology Partners, a Pennsylvania-funded economic development group.


Earlier Chris spent 15 years with Sperry Univac/Unisys working in Bosnia, Germany, South Korea, UK and US rising to Vice President, Corporate Product Strategy and Integration. His career started in local government in the West Midlands of England. A successful author and speaker with a recognized ability to render complex issues understandable to a wide array of audiences, he has a Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in in technology and the sociology of change, from the University of Wolverhampton (U.K.).

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